We've yet to meet anyone 
who owns a cat and doesn't agree with us - 
 Cats Rule !
Even if you aren’t a crazy cat lover like we all are, even if you operate on the ‘bark side’ and own a dog, pretty much everyone gets it – the cats always rule – they always have the first and last word!
Here’s my chance to tell more of our story and how we started our company.
I’m the founder of the company. It started with me sixteen years ago. In my world, where there have always been plenty of healthy, happy, ruling cats, a gorgeous and fabulous red Maine Coon cat named Max whispered in my ear one night. He was complaining to me that there were no beautifully designed, super functional and wonderfully colorful products for cats.  Everything was so industrial looking with hard edges and such – like they were designed for small dogs by people who knew nothing about cats. Max felt like nothing was good enough for him – ok yes a major case of a cat who rules his owner!
Fast forward…. With Max’s guidance and help from his team of cat co-developers: Eloise, Claudia, Sassy, Louis, Bear and Simon; then our co-founders’ cats Charlie and Mimi (owned by our most fabulous head of product design); and Scratch, Sniff, Tuxedo, Luke, Leia, Ben (owned by our most fabulous head of everything as in operations, sales and finance he keeps us moving forward), we launched the company. Cats Rule was officially launched in 2000 and we introduced our first products to the market in 2002.
From the beginning, we set out to change how products for cats were designed. Being cat owners ourselves, we knew we wanted products that weren’t just beautiful but solved problems too – making things easier for the cats and especially for ourselves. Products that help make cleaning and changing litter boxes easier. Products that help keep cats healthier. Good quality products that are still affordable – so you don’t have to ransom your cat to buy a product for her!
We proudly do animal testing – all of our products are tested by cats and cat owners before we put them on the market. In almost all cases we also do independent laboratory testing with one of the top quality control/quality assurance lab companies out there. We want to make sure that when we tell you what our products do, we have the data to support it.
We try and support the hard-working and dedicated rescue and adoption groups out there. If you work with an organization that is looking for door or auction prizes or would like further information, please contact us at contact@catsrule.com
Thanks again for taking the time to come to our site and read our story! We welcome any and all feedback. We like to hear the good, the bad and even the ugly cause that’s the only way we can make things better.
If you have any questions or would like more information, again reach out to us anytime at contact@catsrule.com.