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We've yet to meet anyone
who owns a cat and doesn't agree
that Cats Rule!

In our world, where there are plenty of healthy, happy, ruling cats, we know they rule. A cat was responsible for getting us into this business, just over eight years ago.

Here at Cats Rule, we're all ex-cosmetic and personal care industry veterans,who, ruled by cats, started the company when one of our cats complained one night that there were just no great, beautifully designed, colorful products for cats.  Everything appeared to be directed to dogs and dog owners. Now we love dogs too, hence our companion company 'dogs rock' - and two members of our core team are bona fide dog lovers and owners.  But at our core we're cat-centric. We just love them (okay worship might be a better word). And we're committed to changing the balance of power out there!

Other things you should know about us are that we try and walk the talk.  Since the beginning, we've donated 1% of sales, between cash and product contributions, to organizations that support no-kill policies, respecting the rights of felines to live out their lives safely and securely in individual homes, shelters or protected environments. For example, since 2005,  Cats Rule has donated 50 litter boxes for the first fifty cats adopted during the Adopt-A-Pet event in conjunction with its sponsorship of the CFA-Iams Championship Show at Madison Square Garden in New York City.   Whenever and wherever possible, we at least donate products which organizations can use as auction prizes to raise cash.  If you work with an organization that is looking for door or auction prizes or would like further information, please contact us at

Second and very important, we make all our products in China. When we started, we tried making our products here. Unfortunately, we couldn't find companies that would make the products the way we wanted to make them - like with no seams in the bottom of the litter boxes - and make them affordably. So we made our way to China. We want you to know that we have the utmost confidence in making our products in China, where we've been working directly with our factories since 2002.  All of our products are made in factories that meet our standards for quality and product safety.  We visit our factories on a regular basis and know what ingredients go into our products.  If you'd like any further information  or have specific questions on our products, please contact us at We want to hear from you!

Last, we're here for the cats first, and you owners second. Sorry about that. We feel very strongly about certain health, wellness and happiness issues.  One of these is we ask you please not to declaw your cats!  The declawing process is extremely painful and debilitating to cats. It is the #1 cause of behavioral problems such as litter box and/or biting problems.  We'd be happy to provide you some resources to investigate this further if you email us at  Again, please please, let us help you find alternatives to declawing.

Thanks again for taking the time to come to our site and read our story!

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