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Modern Cat Fall 2015 Ad 600

Our Watering Hole Fountain is featured in Modern Cat!

We want to make the world
a better place for you and your cats.

More Stylish. Easier. Happier. Healthier. More Fun. More Secure.

At Cats Rule, everything we do is about enhancing the relationship and experience you have living with your cats. As cat lovers and owners, we're right there with you. We develop and test everything before we put it on the market. We aim for the highest level of performance, quality and integrity.

We've designed what we think are the very best (and best-looking) cat products out there. They come from the heart. And they reflect the needs of cat owners - items that will make cat-life and ownership easier, simpler and less complicated.  They'll even allow your cats to redecorate!  Our products coordinate with one another so you can create good-looking and highly functional solutions to litter box care, feeding, sleeping, playing - everything your cat needs. 

Our litter boxes, litter mats and litter accessories offer some of the best solutions to key problems out there. We hope you find everything you need. If you have any questions, please contact us at

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